Listen To K2’s (K-Squared) First EVER House-Flavored DJ Mix On Mixcloud

My very first Dj mix is available to listen to on Mixcloud. I hope you enjoy it.

In a few weeks, I will be starting a show on Thursday night’s called, “The New Friday Show”, on Chew.TV that will go from 10PM to Midnight Pacific time.

This will be a video live stream event, but it will be recorded and posted on my Chew.TV channel for you to watch and listen to, whenever.

Both Mixcloud and Chew.TV pay the artists whose music I spin. For me to get paid, I am going to set up a Patreon account and add the link on my DJ mixing channels so those of you who appreciate my music can support me.

I am already thinking ahead about producing my own music, again. It’s something I’ve wanted to get back into for so long and everything seems to be falling into place to make that happen. I’ve even talked with a singer I know about adding lyrics to some of my tracks. That’s still some time away… but it’s orbiting my mind, again, which is more than it has for the last dozen or so years.

If you like my first mix, please share the link with your friends.

As always, thanks for your continued interest in all I do.

K To The Second Power!

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