“A Teenage Girl, An Ancient Curse and Three Nights of the Full Moon!”


“AUTUMN MOON” is a horror comic book I wrote, illustrated and published, about a teenage girl who inherits the curse of the werewolf from a distant ancestor, on her eighteenth birthday.

Originally conceived and written as a movie script, I had neither the funds nor the resources to make “AUTUMN MOON”  into a film, so I edited the story down to fit the comic book format and published it myself, in two parts, between 2003 and 2005..

Turning my movie script into a comic book remains one of the few regrets of my life. My mistake was not researching the comic book market or it’s fan base, first.

I (falsely) assumed that since Hollywood was buying up comic book properties and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on comic book based films (very few of which are any good), that it would be a lot easier to get “AUTUMN MOON”  made into a film or TV series, exactly as I conceived it, if it already existed.

Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy with how the books came out and “AUTUMN MOON”  grew a small but loyal following, mostly of disaffected comic book fans who had long-since given up on the industry, but who still loved the medium of comics and would buy the few books, like mine, that were unique and which stood out among the din.

But those people are few and far between, and not enough to merit continuing the saga as a comic.

Today, the comic industry is on it’s last legs, having been taken over by far-leftists, who are re-writing the histories of the much-loved characters of days past (a tactic straight out of the Communist playbook) to push their Leftist, anti-american, identity politics on whoever still bothers to read the books they are producing. Which is really too bad, because comics used to be so Rock n Roll!

When I read people’s comments, today, about the current state of the SWJ infested comic book industry, they sound exactly like the hit piece I wrote over 10 years ago, crucifying the comic book industry and it’s fan base, for which I was burned in effigy. Web pages were set up to attack me, hate mail sent to me and the stellar reviews my comic got were all erased. You only get flack like that when you are over the target and I definitely hit the mark! It was a badge of honor.

At the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, director, Joss Whedon and author, Neil Gaiman, took aim at the very same people I did in 2005, when I wrote my piece. Again, showing that I’m 10 to 20 years ahead of everyone else.

You can read what these two legends had to say HERE. All these problems have been around for a while, it’s just harder for people to be in denial about it.

If Marvel and DC had not been purchased by huge media conglomerates, comic books would have become extinct by now.

But despite the negative experience with the comic book commies, “AUTUMN MOON’s” story is still very near and dear to my heart and I do plan to tell the rest of her story either as a series of novels or, once I get a deal to produce “SURFUR GURL”, I would like to see about bringing “AUTUMN MOON” to life as either a live-action or animated television or film series, as it was intended to be.

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PLEASE NOTE: Autumn Moon was intended to be an “R” rated horror film, and the book retains all the attributes of an “R” rated film… MATURE READERS ONLY