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, located in the heart of Hollywood, CA, produces it’s own ORIGINAL CONTENT, including SURFUR GURL and THE AUTUMN MOON SAGA, as well as our own T-Shirts, Sweat JacketsMugs, Posters and other merchandise that we sell in OUR STORE.

A man of many talents; Artist, designer, writer, photo-realistic painter, visionary… and House Music DJ, Keith Klein’s work has touched so many different markets, over the last 30 years, that you’ve probably seen his work before and just didn’t know it.

Keith’s abilities have always exceeded his years.

At 16, he was already doing illustrations, designing logos and creating characters for various companies. By 19, he was working on million dollar accounts in an advertising agency in Chicago while his friends were all away at college.

In the 90’s, Keith left the world of advertising and moved into the world of screen printing for several years, creating t-shirt designs for local businesses and events. It was at this time that he began to design his own lines of t-shirts.

One of these t-shirt lines, SURFUR GURL, was based on his childhood love of Speed Racer. He expanded the idea out into an animated pilot, which he directed and did most of the voices for.

The plan was to get it on MTV’s, Liquid Television, but they canceled the show before Keith finished the pilot. He shelved it, knowing someday he’d come back to it again.

In 2001, Keith was hired by the company who invented the Happy Meal, to secure the Star Wars cereal premium license from Lucasfilm for their client, General Mills. He won it over all the other cereal companies and got invited to Skywalker Ranch in June, 2001, where he got to see an early cut of the film, got taken on a tour of the Ranch and met George Lucas.

When he returned from that trip, Keith decided it was time to move to Los Angeles and pursue his dream of producing his own stories and characters, beginning with SURFUR GURL.

It took some time to sell his house and longer to sell off everything in it. During this time, he produced a two-part horror comic book called, AUTUMN MOON, based on a horror movie script Keith had written. It sold well, but Keith was completely turned off by the comic industry and even more by comic book fans.

His passion for screen printing has been resurrected in recent years with the advent of the new print-on-demand technology, which allows customers to purchase one item at a time, instead of having to produce product ahead of time, warehouse it and ship it.

Keith digitally recreated the original SURFUR GURL T-Shirt designs and has added several new ones, which are available on a bunch of different items; t-shirts, hoodies, posters, pillows and mugs, for sale now in OUR STORE.

Keith has recently gone all-in on his life-long desire to become A PROFESSIONAL DJ.

Growing up in Chicago in the 1970’s, Keith watched Disco die and House Music be born and has been following the underground dance music scene, ever since.

For over a year, Keith messed around with a digital mixing software called MIXXX and loved it so much, he decided to purchase a Serato Pioneer mixer and is going to do live and streaming shows around Hollywood and L.A to start with and will see where it goes from there.

Keith’s focus is now entirely devoted towards his own endeavors.

In 2017, Keith exited all social media platforms and launched, “K2’s Train of Thought”, which is a daily blog within a blog, consisting of news, articles and opinions that take a sledgehammer to the lying, Leftist narrative, which is nothing more than communist propaganda, designed to take down this great country.

He has also launched his own video platform, “K2 TV”, on this site to circumvent the censorship now prevalent on social media, especially YouTube, all shot in house and updated regularly.

And his passion to get SURFUR GURL made has never been stronger. Now is the time! He has begun scouring the net for investors and a creative team to make this series happen.

Keith foresees the total collapse of Hollywood and network television, as we know it, in the next few years, replaced by individual creator-driven studios and properties. All produced in house and made available on demand…


Keith Klein Studios


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